What are FOIA exemptions?

The Act lists over 120 categories of public records that public bodies are not required to disclose.  The County commonly withholds records subject to the following exemptions: 1) personnel records (Code of VA 2.2-3705.1); 2) written advice of legal counsel to eh public body or the officers or employees of the public body and any other information protected by the attorney-client privilege (Code of VA 2.2-3705.2); 3) legal memoranda and other work product compiled specifically for use in litigation concerning a matter that is properly the subject of a closed meeting (Code of VA 2.2-3705.3); 4) records recorded in or compiled exclusively for use in closed meetings lawfully held pursuant to the Code of VA (Code of VA 2.2-3705.5); 5) vendor proprietary information software (Code of VA 2.2-3705.6); 6) information relating to the negotiation and award of a specific contract where competition or bargaining is involved (Code of VA 2.2-3705.12).  All other exemptions provided for under the Act may be exercised by the County if deemed lawful and appropriate.  

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