What is my property zoned?
For this information, you will need to fax (540-743-1419) or email your tax map number to the Zoning Office so that this information can be verified. This information is not provided over the telephone.Email the Zoning Office

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1. What is the minimum lot size?
2. If my lot is smaller than 1 3/4 acres can I still build on it?
3. What is my property zoned?
4. How do I know if my property is in the floodplain?
5. Am I allowed to live in a camper?
6. I already have a house on my property, can I put another home on the same lot?
7. What is a setback?
8. What are my setback requirements?
9. How often can you subdivide a piece of property?
10. How do you determine what your right-of-way is?
11. In addition to zoning, what other permits may be required?