Public Libraries

The Massanutten Regional Library (Harrisonburg) serves Page County, by operating two branch locations in the County.  One is located in Luray and the other in Shenandoah.  Both offer children's and adult programs, as well as public access computers, free wireless internet, printing and facsimile services, and loaning books.   

Page Public Library is located in Luray, situated at 100 Zerkel Street. The library collection consists of 11,000 volumes, including video cassettes audio cassettes, large print books, magazines, and coupon exchange.


The Shenandoah Community Library is located at 418 South Third Street, in the Town of Shenandoah.  This branch has 2,000 volumes.

In addition to the two public libraries operated by Massanutten Regional Library, there is also an independent library in Stanley.  The William "Bill" Kibler Memorial Library has over 13,000 titles in their collection.  In addition to children's programs and adult literacy programs, they offer document printing, copying, fax, computer classes, and computer assistance.