New Business

AVAILABLE PROPERTIES - Page County has a few publicly controlled properties, to include property within two industrial parks.  Additionally, there is an abundant amount of property for development which is privately held.  Please contact our offices to learn more. 

FAST TRACK PERMITTING  - We know time is money! Page County is committed to ensuring the best possible experience for business.  We coordinate efforts between all departments of government, working with local jurisdictions and the private sector to process requests in an expedited manner. 

COST OF DOING BUSINESS - Page County government takes pride in being stewards of the tax dollar and works diligently to maintain affordable rates for our citizens. 

- Page County is only 15 minutes from Interstate 81, 25 miles from the Virginia Inland Port, 90 miles from Washington DC, and 120 miles from Richmond, Va.  Highway 340 and Bypass 211 provides access to these locations.  Additionally, we have a local airport, Luray Caverns Airport, and freight train via Norfolk & Southern Railroad.   


- Page County offers a variety of programs which offer grant backs or discounts for investment and job creation.  They include:

- Page County proudly partners with the Shenandoah Valley Small Business Center and People Incorporated of Virginia.  Both of these agencies offer a wide variety of services, many of which are offered at no cost. Services include, but are not limited to, business planning, cash flow and marketing assistance, small business financing, social media and customer service training.  Contact their agencies today to learn more. 

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